About the Buben Verein

Der Deutsche Buben Verein was founded on October 3, 1998 in Cincinnati, Ohio. As of March 2018, there were 133 members in the United States, Germany, and Czech Republic. We are an organization of people who enjoy life!

Each year, the Buben Verein hosts the Buben “Fore-Man” Scramble, a golf outing that raises funds for any worthwhile charity that comes to our attention in the previous year. The Buben Winter Picnic, held each year in either February or March, is also a way for our members and invited guests to contribute to a worthwhile charitable endeavor.

Aside from these and other charitable gestures, the Buben Verein finds many ways to celebrate seemingly insignificant events. Any excuse for a party or social gathering is high on our list of priorities. Being surrounded by friends makes life better. All of our members have an excellent track record of volunteering their time and talents to local German clubs and other civic organizations. Most have held, or currently hold, offices in these clubs and organizations. Buben Verein membership invitations are extended to people who have demonstrated a willingness to work for the betterment of the German-American community and have a zest for life.

The Buben Verein has no officers and no constitution. We are guided by the Ten Commandments of the Buben Verein, which direct all members to simply be a friend and to make a difference in the world.

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