We Do Good Work
Der Deutsche Buben Verein

Quite simply, Der Deutsche Buben Verein is an organization of people who enjoy life!

While enjoying the conviviality and camaraderie of fellow members was very fulfilling there was a desire to share our joy and good fortunes with the local community so the charitable component to the Buben Verein was created with one caveat – Fun first, Charity second. As a result, in a little over twenty (20) years the Buben Verein has raised and donated more than

$178,170.00 as of 03/19/2023

The Buben Verein has supported numerous charities through the “Fore”~Man Golf Scramble, the Buben Winter Picnic, The Buben Oktoberfest and Buben Bon Voyage Ball and others, We hae made financial contributions to the following: The Father David Hiller Fund, Knights of Columbus, Kolping Lenten Project – Mexico, German-American Museum, Donauschwaben Stiftung, St. Catherine of Siena Emergency Fund, The Wellness Community, Old St. Mary’s Pregnancy Center, Mt. Healthy Alliance, Old St. Mary’s Stained Glass Window, WAIF – German Tunes of the Queen City, WOBO – Over the Rhine Showcase, Detroit Kolping Rainbow Fund, GACL, German Day, Winton Woods Riding Center Scholarship Fund, May We Help, Donauschwaben Ehren Platz, Alzheimer’s Foundation, Harrison Village Historical Society, and many more.

E Pluribus Buben!

Recipients of our Charity

From The Buben Winter Picnic

  1. First Year, No Charity - No Collection
  2. 2004 Kolping Lenten Project-Mexico
  3. 2005 German Heritage Museum
  4. 2006 Donauschwaben Stiftung
  5. 2007 St. Catherine of Siena Fund
  6. 2008 The Wellness Community
  7. 2009 Old St. Mary's Pregnancy Center
  8. 2010 Old St. Mary's Window Fund
  9. 2011 Mt. Healthy Alliance
  10. 2012 Winton Woods Special Rider Scholarship
  11. 2013 "May We Help"
  12. 2014 NEEDS
  13. 2015 Cincinnati Center for Autism
  14. 2016 Paige's Princess Run
  15. 2017 National Kolping Society Lenten Project
  16. 2018 Santa Maria Community Services
  17. 2019 German Heritage Museum
  18. 2020 La Soupe
  19. 2021 No Charity members only.
  20. 2022 No Charity members only.
  21. 2023 Pink Ribbon Good(Girls)
  22. TBD