How it all began..

As foretold by the prophets,

Five male children were bestowed upon worthy, hard working, God-fearing parents of German descent. These revered couples were faced with the task of grooming the “anointed ones” for their parlous journey to Bubenism. Using a carrot and staff, they lovingly schooled their charges in the basic Buben principles.

On separate pilgrimages to the Heimatland,

The wayworn “anointed ones” were further exposed to the precepts and tenets of Bubenism~the fomentation had begun.

After years of Feasting and “Festing”, The transformation was completed when a confluence of the planets brought three of the “anointed ones” together and they crossed the threshold to Bubenism on the third day of October, nineteen hundred and ninety-eight.

To commemorate this momentous event in history, an annual celebration is now held on the first Saturday of October at a place now known as Buben Platz, on the grounds of the Cincinnati Donauschwaben Society.

While drunk with their newfound rank and privilege,

The three Buben began an immediate search for their remaining two brothers. After seven exhaustive months they were found enjoying a repast at a German Bierhaus on the twelfth day of June, nineteen hundred and ninety-nine. Conjoined, the Buben Verein gave off a coruscating luminescence visible for numerous kilometers.

The Chosen are entrusted with the scared tablets of Commandments, Precepts and Tenets of Bubenism and charged with the enforcement of the dictates, as well as their propagation. Received atop the mighty Zugspitze and carved from a craggy precipice with the tip of the revered golden carrot, these precious tablets rule all of Bubendom.

Let it be known by all that the following are “The Chosen” (formerly known as the “Anointed Ones”) of the Der Deutsche Buben Verein:

C. Michael Brakers, Thomas Musbach, Michael Pelzel,
James Slouffman, Helmut Wolfram